Monday, April 21, 2014

Where I find Books for Cheap

 Where I find Books for Cheap

Amazon is a great way to find books on sale.  I usually buy electronic books from Amazon, but you can find printed copies on sale in the bargain bin section( here).  Amazon has a selection of eBooks that stay on sale for a month (here) and they also have daily deals that have one book in different genera’s that only stay on sale for the day (here).  I also find it easier to discover when books are on sale by creating a wish list and putting all the books that I want to read on that list.  Once a day, I go through the list to see if any of the books that I have been wanting to read have gone on sale.  This sounds like a pain, but I have been able to buy a lot of books on sale that I wanted this way.  Looking at the Best Sellers in the Kindle store is also a good way to see what books have gone on sale (here). You can search by genera and if a popular eBook has gone on sale, it will more than likely be on the list.  I have also found that eBooks will go on sale if a new book in the series is about to be released or if it is about to be released as a movie.  Of course, Amazon has a big selection of free eBooks (here).  It can give readers a chance to read genera’s they normally wouldn’t for free.  The web site, BookBub, also lists the books that are free everyday (for both Kindle and Nook) and books that are on sale (here).     

Book Outlet
Book Outlet has popular books for super cheap.  You can get hardback covered books for as low at $5, sometimes less.  This site also has a scratch and dent section that has books for super cheap, although they will not be in perfect condition, they are still readable.  The shipping (America) is a flat rate for the first two books ($3.99) and .50 for additional books you add.  This site has multiple genera’s and even carries signed books! Check out Book Outlet here.

Thrift Stores
Thrift Stores are one of my favorite places to get books.  You can get a hardback book for around $2.00 and paperback for .50!  Although you will not have the most amazing selection of books and they may not be in the best condition, it is the cheapest way I have been able to find books.  Since it is not online, you will be able to examine the book and make sure it is in a decent condition. I have been able to find some very popular books at thrift stores.  However, the key to finding good books at thrift stores is to go on a regular basis.  If it is popular and cheap, it will sale fast.

Used Book Stores
This is also a good place to find books for cheaper.  The books will normally be in good condition because used book stores usually won’t take books that are damaged.  The good thing about used books stores is that you can sell your previous read books for store credit or money to buy new books.  This is a good way to get your hands on the newest released books fast.

Retail Stores
Retail stores, such as Wal-Mart and Target, will sell books for cheaper than the cover price.  You will not find incredibly cheap books, but they will still be less expensive than book stores.


I know that the majority of major readers will already know this information or more, but I do have some friends that occasionally pick up a book and don’t know where the best places to find books are.  I know there are probably a lot more places to find cheap books (especially online), so if you know any, please leave a comment below! Thanks!

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