Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Readable Series: The Selection

 The Selection

Titles: The Selection, The Elite, The One
Author: Kiera Cass
Published by HarperTeen

I really enjoyed this series overall, but this is a light, fluffy read that focuses on a love triangle between America, Aspen, and Maxon.  If you hate love triangles, do not read this series because you will hate it.  I felt that through The Selection and The Elite, Maxon and Aspen were pretty much neck and neck with their fight for America and I did not know which one she would end up with.  Through reading these books I did root for one character in particular to win America’s heart, but I would not have been sad if America would have ended up with the other character as well.  Both Maxon and Aspen were good characters so it was easy to be torn between the two.

I liked the character development in this series, it is not the best, but I liked learning more about the motives that drove the characters actions.  Some other readers have complained that America Singer (the main character) is annoying and makes frustrating decisions, which I did find true in the last book, but it did not make me dislike her as a character.  I did feel like her character developed throughout the series and I grew to care about her happiness.  I also really liked the character development of Aspen and Maxon, but I thought their character development hit its peak in the second book, The Elite.  There was also great development among the other girls that were in the selection, which I really enjoyed.  I wish that I could have learned more about the King and Queen, but I heard Cass is making a novella that focuses on the Queen (which I am really looking forward to).

I thought the plot pacing in all the books were really good and steady.  I read all of the books very fast because I felt they had an addicting quality.  I felt like these books are written for younger teens because the writing seemed juvenile at times and usually used simple words and concepts.  I also felt that Cass would tell the reader everything about the developing plot and not give a chance for readers to discover it on their own.  I also thought that the world building could have been better and Cass lacked in describing the surroundings.  I am not one who likes in-depth descriptions of everything, but I felt like Cass didn’t describe enough and I found myself making up my own descriptions throughout the series.  Also, I would recommend reading this series somewhat close together because Cass does not describe anything from the previous books and I found myself lost for the first couple of chapters of the next book trying to remember situations and characters.  

The only thing that really disappointed me about this series was I felt like the plot involving the rebellion was underdeveloped.  I felt like readers got a glimpse of it in the first book and the second book delved deeper into understanding the rebellion, but the third book (which I thought would develop the rebellion plot even more) lacked in development.  I felt like the rebellion could have been erased completely from the series and it would not have affected the flow of the books because it was not deeply integrated into the plot.  Some readers may not find this as a negative, but I wish that the rebellion plot would have been more substantial than it was.  I think that I was more disappointed because I really liked where the series was headed, but then I felt like it did not reach it's full potential.   

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this series as a whole.  I think if readers do not like the first book, then they will probably not enjoy the remainder of the series.  Although I did enjoy myself while reading this series and I am glad that I completed it, it is not even close to being my favorite series of all time.  This book series is actually quite forgettable after you finish it and in a year, I will probably forget most of the smaller details in these books.  If the premise of this series seems interesting to you or you are looking for a fluffy read, I would give this series a shot.

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