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Undeniable by Ashley Simone and Alicia Roberts

{Review} Undeniable
Title: Undeniable (Undeniable #1)
Author: Ashley Simone, Alicia Roberts
Published: April 15th, 2014 by Ashley Simone
Pages: 88

{Thank you Ashley Simone and Netgalley for providing this in return for an honest review}

What if One Night Could Change Your Life?

Working in a diner by day and desperately applying for accounting jobs by night, Allie Nobokov fears that her future will be one of a single, virginal, cat lady. A chance encounter with a gorgeous stranger, Zac, awakens her desires and she feels an undeniable connection.

When fate pushes them together once again, Allie’s desires run wild – until, just when things start getting hot and heavy, Zac disappears into the night...

How can you deny a connection so strong?

All that is pushed to the back of Allie’s mind when her younger brother shows up on her doorstep, desperately in need of more money than she can provide… Until she sees a classified ad.

“I met a girl and I can’t get over her,” says the ad, and goes on to describe Allie. “If you look like her, I’ll pay handsomely for one night with you.”

Can Allie summon the courage to answer the mysterious ad and go through with what it entails? And can she convince the enigmatic Zac to push aside his demons and give their love a chance?

I have really been enjoying New Adult books lately and this book was no exception.  The writing was good, but not spectacular.  The plot pacing was really good, it got right to the point and things started happening right away.  However, I did not find the plot of this book particularly original.  I did think the synopsis of this book sounded generic, but I hoped that it would surprise me.  

I did really like Allie and I found that she was really relatable.  I can’t really say if I liked Zac or not since he remained completely mysterious the entire novella.  Allie’s and Zac’s encounters were short and they did not have any sort of relationship prior to sleeping with each other.  I was hoping that Simone and Roberts could make the plot cute and charming, but it kinda felt sleazy and unromantic.  I felt like this novella somewhat tried to glamorize prostitution, however, the authors did try to make the situation less sleazy by saying Allie did not sleep with Zac because of the money, but because she wanted to.  I found this part of the novella hard to believe considering Allie was a virgin and within two encounters, she felt the need to sleep with Zac even though she knew nothing about him.  Also, she answered a listing on a dating site and met a stranger in New York (somehow she was almost positive it would be Zac) with the intent on sleeping with just seems so unbelievable.

Simone and Roberts also tried to make Zac appear mysterious and broody, which did somewhat make me interested to find out what his story was.  I did want to find out why he would pay for sex and list an add on a dating website for a prostitute, but somehow I feel like the reasoning would not persuade me to like Zac.  It seems like it’s a common theme to have the male in New Adult books to be super controlling.  I particularly don’t like this and found Zac to be mean rather than charming.    

I did like that there was a decent plot that I was interested in rather than just the relationship between Allie and Zac.  I was really curious about Allie’s brother, Joel, and what kind of trouble he had gotten himself into.  There really were not many other main characters that were expanded on, but hopefully Allie’s roommate will get a bigger part in the next two novellas because I found her potentially interesting as well.

Overall, I did not think that this book was anything special, but has potential for the next two novellas.  I would suggest readers who enjoy New Adult books to check this one out, but be aware that you will have to invest money into this book considering its three short novellas all sold separately.  Personally, I do not plan on spending $2.99 for the next 62 pages and then another $2.99 to finish the book (68 pages).


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