Thursday, July 10, 2014

DIY Glitter Bookmarks

o   Mod Podge
o   Foam Paint Brush
o   Scrapbook Paper
o   Scissors
o   Ruler
o   Glitter (preferably fine)
o   Piece of Paper
o   Wooden sticks (You could use any kind you want to, but I chose the skinny sticks from Walmart.)
o   Decoration for the top of your bookmark (wooden cutouts, buttons, flowers, felt cutouts, ect)

1.      Take your wooden stick and apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over the entire stick (except leave a small area clean so you are able to hold the stick) with your paint brush. Make sure not to forget the sides and bottom of the stick and don’t apply too much Mod Podge or the glitter will clump and Mod Podge will drip everywhere.
2.      Over a piece of paper, shake glitter onto the stick while rotating to make sure that you cover the entire stick. Then roll the stick in the glitter that you shook out onto the paper, making sure that the sides and bottom of the stick are covered in glitter. The stick may not be completely covered in glitter and you may be able to see the wood poking through.  

3.      Lay stick aside and let the Mode Podge dry a little (I would say between 5-10 minutes) before repeating step 1-2, making sure the stick is completely covered in glitter (minus where you are holding the stick). Repeat step 1-2 until your stick is covered in the desired amount of glitter, but I would only recommend doing it up to two times because the glitter will get clumpy the more you add.  If your stick still has bare areas, then I would just apply Mode Podge to those areas, instead of glittering the entire stick.

4.      After glittering your stick, lay it aside and let it dry for around 30 minutes. The more glitter and glue you added, the longer it will take to dry. Make sure to give your glue enough time to dry or you will push the glitter around when handling your stick in the next steps.

{You can do either step 5 next or step 6 next. I chose to do step 5 because I was impatient and wanted to let it dry overnight and be completely done with my bookmark. You can do step 6 first, but make sure you allow it to dry before doing steps 5. }

5.      After your glitter is dry enough, pick the decoration you want to add to the top of the stick.  Depending on what type of object you pick, will depend on what type of glue you will need to use to glue it to the stick. I used wood and felt decorations, which I used Mode Podge for the wood and hot glue for the felt. If you used Modge Podge for the felt, the felt would soak up the Modge Podge and never really stick to your wooden stick, plus you would begin to see the Mode Podge through the felt. So make sure you are using the correct gluing method for the decoration. Then glue the decoration to the bare wood that you used to hold your stick during the glitter process.
a.      For the wooden decorations, I used a generous amount of Mod Podge on the top of the stick and let the glue get tacky before applying my decoration. After gluing, I flipped the stick around so the decoration was upside down and added more glue on the back to ensure that it was really glued to the stick. Make sure to give your glue enough time to dry because handling it before it is set will make it slid around the stick and possibly glue uneven.

b.      For the felt, I did step 8 first and allowed my stick to dry completely. Then I used a hot glue gun to glue the felt decoration to the top of the stick.

6.      When your decoration is dried on the stick, take the Mod Podge and apply glue all over the glittered part of your stick. This will seal the glitter so it will not flake off into all your books or all over your hands. Sealing the glitter will take away some of its shimmer, but I still think that it looks super cute. Make sure that you wipe off your decoration with a wet paper towel if you get glue on it. Although the glue dries somewhat clear, you will still be able to see where it is.

7.      I decided to leave my sticks at this stage, but if you want to perfect your bookmark, you can add glitter to the back of the wooden decoration so the wood is not exposed or you can just leave it.  Depending on what decoration you used (buttons, felt, double-sided scrapbook paper), your project may be done at step 6.  I just left mine like the pictures below because I figure no one would be seeing the backs of them.

8.      Then let your bookmark dry completely. I would say 72 hours just to be safe because you don’t want your bookmark to be permanent by gluing itself inside your book.  

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