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Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

{Review} Throne of Glass
Title: Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1)
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Published: May 7th, 2012 by Bloomsbury USA Children’s
Pages: 404
In a land without magic, where the king rules with an iron hand, an assassin is summoned to the castle. She comes not to kill the king, but to win her freedom. If she defeats twenty-three killers, thieves, and warriors in a competition, she is released from prison to serve as the king's champion. Her name is Celaena Sardothien.

The Crown Prince will provoke her. The Captain of the Guard will protect her. But something evil dwells in the castle of glass--and it's there to kill. When her competitors start dying one by one, Celaena's fight for freedom becomes a fight for, and a desperate quest to root out the evil before it destroys her world.

I have not read fantasy in a very long time, which made getting into this book hard at first, but then I fell in love with the setting and characters in this world and could not stop reading. This book defiantly has a lot of hype surrounding it, which made me go into this book expecting a lot.  I did really like this book, but I went into it thinking it would be somewhat like Hunger Games, but it is most defiantly not.  I wish that this book would not have been compared to any other books since it threw me off when the book was different.  With that being said, I did still really like this book.  

The writing for the book made it extremely easy to read.  Usually fantasy books are full of in-depth descriptions that get daunting to read, although I do understand why they are needed, but Maas was able to write a fantasy book that was both simplistic and dynamic at the same time.  I thought that Maas did the perfect amount of describing without overloading my brain.  I also liked that there was a pronunciation guide at the book to help readers pronounce characters and places correctly.  I thought the pacing of the book was really good as well.  The beginning started right away with big events happening, but it was a little confusing until I got a handle of the writing style and names of characters.  The book was slower in certain areas, but I never got bored and the end was extremely fast paced!  I liked that this book did not end on a cliffhanger, but still interested readers enough to continue on with the series.

I really enjoyed the world that Maas created and am really excited to see what she plans on doing with future books.  I felt like the world was in-depth enough for avid fantasy readers, but still simple enough for readers new to the genre.  I also really liked that the plot of this book had a mystery, which was one of the reasons I loved this book.  There were enough twists to keep readers guessing, but also provided significant foreshadowing that readers were not left in the dark to what was happening.  I was disappointed in the challenges the competitors had to undergo since this book was compared to The Hunger Games, which it was not like.  The challenges were not that exciting, which I thought would be one of the best parts of this book and I also didn’t like that the majority of the challenges were not even described in the book.  I would have thought that the challenges would be harsher considering how the book describes how horrible the King was.  I am glad that there will not be a competition in the next books because that is what made me rate this book as only 4 stars.

I absolutely loved the characters in this book.  Celaena was such a kick-ass heroine that I really enjoyed reading about.  I liked that she was strong and witty, but still was able to be girly and dress up.  Although the book describes Celaena as being 16 years old, I would have guessed her to be 18-20 years old, which I liked because I usually don’t like reading about characters that are really young.  I really liked Celaena’s two love interests, Chaol and Dorian.  I liked that the two men were really charming, but flawed at the same time.  I felt like the first half of the book was dedicated to learning about Chaol and the second half was dedicated to Dorian, which really made me have equal love for both of them.  They are both very swoon-worthy and I really want to see where the next book takes this storyline.  I also really liked the relationship that developed between Celaena and Nehemia.  Nehemia was also a very strong, female heroine who is defiantly worth rooting for.  I loved that she has ulterior motives for being at the castle and I really want to see Celaena’s and Nehemia’s relationship grow.

This was one of the best love triangles that I have ever read, which I loved every minute of it!  Maas created the most equal love triangle I have ever read and I have no idea who I want Celaena to end up with.  Both Chaol and Dorian are prefect in every way and care about her deeply in different ways.  I love that Dorian jokes around with Celaena and is not afraid to express how he feels about her.  He is more reckless with his feelings and goes for what he wants.  I loved the witty banter between Dorian and Celaena and found myself laughing out loud at many of their conversations.  Dorain is completely different from Chaol, in that Chaol is a lot more reserved and holds his emotions in.  At times, it only felt like a slight love triangle since Chaol does not openly express his emotions.  Although both men are complete opposites, both are entirely wonderful and worth Celaena’s time.  I have no idea who I am rooting for at this point and I really hope the second book will expand on Celaena’s relationship with Chaol.

Overall, this book was very good.  I am so happy that it is going to be a series and I will get to keep immersing myself within Maas’s world.  I would recommend this book to anyone, even if you do not like fantasy.  I really think this would be a great book for readers who are interested in the fantasy genre, but don’t know where to get started.  However, I do think that more mature, fantasy readers may be underwhelmed with this book because it does not really focus on the magic aspect as much as it does the romance and mystery.    


Check out the second book in the Throne of Glass series, Crown of Midnight, as well as the soon-to-be-released, Heir of Fire.  Also check out the novellas that show Celaena's adventures before being captured in The Assassin's Blade: The Throne of Glass Novellas.

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