Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday 56 and Book Beginnings {Queen of Someday by Sherry D. Ficklin}

The Friday 56 is a weekly meme hosted by Freda’s Voice, as well as Book Beginnings which is hosted by Rose City Reader.  Post one or a few sentences from page or percentage 56 from any book, as well as the first sentence (or sentences) of a book you would like to highlight.

Title: Queen of Someday
Author: Sherry D. Ficklin
Published: October 7th, 2014 by Clean Teen Publishing

Page 56:
I take the paper over to the lamp and light it aflame.  Did I have the courage to speak to him again?  I must find it within myself, I decide.  He is due that much at least.  Though part of me joys at the thought of seeing him again, another part cringes, knowing the pain my words will cause us both.  I scribble a note of my own, replacing it in the book before returning it to the shelf.
Wait for me, sweet Pa
ris.  For I will come. -Helen
First Sentence:
The sled is cramped; my legs and back ache in protest as we cut through the deep snow.  I pull back the heavy damask curtain covering the small window.  Outside the landscape is barren and desolate.

Why This Quote?
I LOVED this book!  It was so good and I desperately need the second one in this series to find out what is going to happen next.  I never thought that I would be drawn into a YA historical fiction book, but this one blew me away.  The writing was great (as can be seen from above) and the story had so many twists and turns.      


  1. This does sound good and I'm definitely curious to know more about it. I wouldn't have thought a YA historical fiction would have been that great either but I'll definitely have to try this one.

  2. I haven't heard of this book, but that cover is lovely.
    My 56

  3. I might never have given this a second thought if not for your comments. Perhaps I should read it.
    here is my 56 -

  4. That sounds like a really fancy sled! I'd like to know more about this character, and I'm wondering why her words will cause pain.
    Here's the link to my Friday post: Coulda Been a Cowboy.

  5. I've been trying to win this book. :-)

    Happy weekend!

  6. Every series book I have read sets me up for the next book. It sounds like this is the case with this one, too.
    My Friday Quotes at HEADFULLOFBOOKS


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