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{Review} Only with You by Lauren Layne

Only with You by Lauren Layne
Published: July 29th, 2014 by Forever
Series: The Best Mistake #1
Source: Netgalley (in exchange for an honest review)
Genre: New Adult
Pages: 260 

Love is the Biggest Gamble of All . . .
Cocktail waitress Sophie Dalton doesn't exactly have a life plan. She's perfectly happy being everyone's favorite party girl. But when a Las Vegas bachelorette party goes awry and an uptight businessman mistakes Sophie for a prostitute . . . well, Sophie wonders if it's time to reevaluate her priorities. Swearing off her thigh-high boots for good, Sophie slinks back home with damaged pride-and a jackpot of a hangover.

Yet what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there. On a trip to Seattle to open a new office, Grayson Wyatt meets his latest employee-who turns out to be the same woman he recently called a hooker. Wealthy and gorgeous, Gray is a man used to getting what he wants. And it doesn't take long to figure out that smart, sassy, sexy Sophie is everything he's been looking for. As their late nights at the office turn into hot morning-afters, they realize their Vegas misunderstanding may lead to the real thing…

This book was absolutely adorable!  The whole time I was reading it, I kept thinking that it would make such a cute chick flick.  The more New Adult books that I read, the more I think that it may become my favorite book genre and its books like this that keep pushing me closer and closer to absolutely falling in love with NA.  I found that this book was funny, witty, and like I said above, downright adorable. 

I fell in love with the writing style of this book.  I think that it was my favorite part because the way Layne would write made the characters seem realistic and charming.  After reading the first chapter of this book, I knew I was going to love it because of how smart and witty the dialogue was.  I found myself constantly smiling and occasionally laughing out loud at Sophie’s inner dialogue.

I really loved Sophie as the main character.  I loved that she was spunky and charming, while still having deeper issues that made her more of a complex character.  I found her hilarious, charismatic, and I loved all her sassy comebacks.  Sophie was defiantly one of my favorite characters in this book!  I also enjoyed Gray as well.  I found his character sweet, but at times, his social awkwardness and incessant need to stay stuck in his ways made him seem more like an 80 year old man.  However, his character did grow on me and I never found myself not rooting for him to achieve character growth.

I did really, really loved that Will’s and Bynn’s story was added in slightly!  I really loved Will’s character and his personality traits are more of what I crave for a leading man.  I also found that I related to Brynn a little bit more than I did to Sophie.  I am SO happy that the next book will focus on these two, but am somewhat scared that it might just be a different version of the same book.  With Will’s spunky, witty personality being so close to Sophie’s and Brynn’s control freak, need to succeed personality being similar to Gray’s, I hope that it will not follow the same path as this book.

I loved the romance between Gray and Sophie in this book.  I love stories were the main characters can’t get along, sexual tension is high, and there are witty comebacks galore.  Sometimes I did feel like the angst between Gray and Sophie was a little much and found it hard to believe that they really did like each other really deep down.  I also thought that Gray’s feelings switched a little too easily from annoyed to in love. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book!  The character development was great, the situations were hysterical, and the romance was on point.  I am defiantly looking forward to picking up the next installment and any other book written by Layne for that matter.  This book would be great for any readers weary about jumping into New Adult books because of the high content of sexual scenes.  This one does have slight swearing and sexual situations, but they are all done classy and with not too much description.

Added bonus: I absolutely loved this line from the book so I thought I would include it into my review.

“Well…are you happy?
Sophie looked out at the pouring rain and considered.  “No. Not yet.  But I’m learning how to be.”  -91%

Also check out Layne’s other books, including Will’s and Brynn’s story in, Made for You.  Make sure to stay up to date on all of Layne's up coming books by checking out her website and her Goodreads

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