Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors I've Only Read One Books From, But I Need To Read More

 This is a weekly meme created by Broke and Bookish.  Every week there will be a new subject to create a top 10 list of.

This week’s subject:
Top Ten Authors I've Only Read One Book From, But I Need To Read More

1.)    Megan Abbott
I absolutely LOVE psychological mysteries and when I read Megan Abbott’s The Fever, it was love.  I NEED to get my hands on her books Dare Me and The End of Everything because I really want to read more from this amazing author.  

2.)                      John Green
I have only read The Fault in Our Stars, which was amazing!  I desperately need to find some time to read more books from him because I am sure they are all awesome.

3.)Rachel Hawkins
I just got done reading Rebel Belle, which was really cute and fun.  I am currently reading Hex Hall (which I probably will finish by the time this post goes up) because I had to read more from her.

4.)                       Sarah J. Maas
I really liked Throne of Glass, which I normally don’t like fantasy books.  I am so interested in seeing what happens in Crown of Midnight and the other books in this series.

5.)                       Richelle Mead
I have only read Vampire Academy from this author.  I feel like I am so behind loving this series and I really want to catch up.  I do have the rest of the series, but I was not that impressed with Vampire Academy and have yet to continue on with the series.  I really want to keep reading it since I heard that it continues to get better and better.

6.)                      Rick Yancey
I LOVED The 5th Wave….L-O-V-E-D!  I can not wait for the next movie to be released and I will be first in line to pick it up.  I am so happy that it is going to be made into a movie too.

7.)                       Kami Garcia
I recently read Unbreakable by Kami Garcia and it was so good.  I have always wanted to read Beautiful Creatures, but it keeps getting pushed back for other books.  Plus I have heard that the series is not that awesome, but after reading Unbreakable, I really want to see for myself.

8.)                        Sophie Jordan
Foreplay was one of the first New Adult books that I have ever read and it was really good.  I absolutely loved how she wrote and her in-depth character development.  I really want to check out more of her books.

9.)                       Michelle Krys
Hexed were absolutely amazing and I can’t believe that it was Michelle Krys first book.  I cannot wait for the second one to be release so I can continue on with the series.

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