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{TV Show Review} The 100

{TV Show Review} The 100
Creator: Jason Rothenberg
Book Author: Kass Morgan
Release Date: March 19th, 2014
Station: The CW
Season: 1

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Set 97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, when a spaceship housing humanity's lone survivors sends 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet.

Mini Review
The TV show loosely follows the book and are quite different from one another.  The show excludes two of the major characters from the books and introduces many new faces.  The TV show had a much faster pace, focusing on action and mystery, where as the book focused more on character development.  From seeing where the TV show left off and where the book left off, I think that the second season of the TV show is going to veer away from the books and start focusing on a different plot.  The book moves at a much slower pace and left off at about halfway point in the TV show.  With the second book, Day 21, not even released yet, I can’t imagine that the TV show will follow the books.  Plus that would mean that the TV show has already given away a lot of spoilers for the second book. 

Overall, I liked the action and pacing in the TV show better, but I liked that characters and romance in the books better.  If I absolutely had to choose a favorite, unfortunately, I would have to say I like the show a smidge more.  The books and the TV show are very good, but very different.  I do recommend the books to people who enjoy reading, but I don't think that they add to the TV show at all.  However, if you have already read the books, I would highly recommend watching the TV show.    

Warning: This Review is comparing the book, The 100 by Kass Morgan, to the TV Show adaptation on the CW.  There will be minor spoilers for both the book and the TV show, but I tried my best to not discuss major spoilers.

The show The 100, which airs on the CW, is an adaptation from Kass Morgan’s book, which also shares the same name.  Both the book and TV show is set in a post apocalyptic world where the Earth became inhabitable because of a nuclear war.  Humans have survived by living on a space station, but now their lives are at risk again and they must find out if Earth is a viable option for survival.  One hundred teen convicts are sent down to Earth to see if they can survive the radiation that was left behind from the nuclear war, while the rest of the human race remains in space to also fight for their lives.

The TV show is loosely based on the book and are quite different from one another.  Both the TV show and the book have two intertwining plots.  The first plot is the one that takes place on Earth.  The plot in the book focuses on the teens learning about the Earth (they have only read about it in books), looking for supplies/food, and trying to establish a political system to deal with criminal acts. The TV show also focuses on the above, but incorporates so much more.  With the book focusing more on character development, it does not progress as fast as the TV show.  The TV show is very fast paced and action packed, which makes it veer way off course from the book.  

The second plot takes place on the space station, but is completely different.  The points of view are told from two different characters, so the plots don’t really mirror each other.  In the book, the plot is told in the point of view from a girl named Glass.  She was a convict intended to be deported to Earth, but escapes.  It focuses on her romantic relationship with a character named Luke and not until the end of the book does it discuss the corrupt politics or how the human race’s survival is at stake.  The TV show is told from Clarke’s mother’s point of view (who is dead in the book) and focuses on the corrupt politics and the need for the Earth to be inhabitable.  Both of these plots are very different from one another and the ending of the book and the TV show will defiantly separate these two plots permanently.     

The pacing of the TV show is so much faster than the book.  The book ends at about the half way point of the TV show, so the TV show has progressed much further ahead than the book.  I do think that it was a really good decision for the TV show to veer away from the book in this aspect.  The first book focuses on flashbacks and really learning the character’s backgrounds, which was great in the book, but would make for a pretty dull television show.

I was really disappointed with the characters in the TV show, compared to those in the book.  The book focuses on four main characters: Clarke, Bellamy, Wells, and Glass.  Glass was my favorite character and I loved her storyline, but she was cut out completely from the TV show.  Wells also only appears on the TV show for a short amount of time, making the TV show mainly focus on Clarke, Bellamy, and Clarke’s mother, Abby.  The TV show also adds in a lot more characters, which changes the whole dynamic of the plot.  I have no idea why the TV show would not include Glass or Wells, other than wanting to include a bigger adult presence, which the book lacks.  I really do not like that decision, but with watching the show before reading the book, I was not disappointed until I finished the book.

I would say that Clarke’s character almost completely was the same from the book and I could tell that they had the same personality and traits.  I really loved Bellamy in the books, but I did not like him on the TV show.  He was portrayed more as a villain at the beginning of the season, but slowly was portrayed in a better light as the show progressed.  I think that Bellamy’s character was not as closely adapted as Clarke’s was, but I think that I am starting to like his character more in the show.  Octavia, Bellamy’s sister, was also changed in the adaptation.  She was a bigger part of the TV show than in the book and her character seemed to be portrayed older in the show than she was in the book.  I liked Ocatvia’s character in the show way more than I did in the book, which surprised me.  

There were also several characters added into the plot that are not in the book.  My favorite added character would have to be Jasper.  I loved him as a love interest for Octavia, but I am pretty sure that storyline is now on a different path.  I also did not like Finn being added as a love interest for Clarke.  I did like him at first (before reading the book), but then I found him to be annoying.  There are a lot more characters who were added into the TV show that were not in the book, but I don’t want to give away any spoilers.  I would have to say that although there were some really good added characters, I preferred the characters in the book over those in the TV show.  I wish they would have not cut out Glass, Luke, and Wells!

Hands down, I preferred the romance in the book rather than the TV show.  With the TV show not including the best romance from the book (Glass’s and Luke’s), I felt like it took away from that aspect.  Also, they changed the relationship between Clarke and Wells to being only friends rather than having them be ex’s.  I really disliked that as well.  I thought that the relationships in the book were so much better than portrayed in the TV show.  With watching the TV show before reading the book, the fact that Finn was added to be Clarke’s love interest didn’t bother me as much, but once I read the book, I really didn’t understand why they changed that aspect from the book.  I also think that it is interesting that there may be a love triangle in the book, as well as the TV show, all focusing around Clarke, but with different male characters.  Overall, I wish they would have stuck with the love interest couplings from the book, but with all the character exclusions, it was impossible.

Overall, I would say that the TV show would hold more people’s attention because it was fast paced, action packed, and mysterious.  While the book was really good (see my review here), I just don’t think that it lived up to how exciting the TV show turned out to be.  I feel bad comparing these two because I liked them both for completely different reasons, but I enjoyed the TV show more.  I am interested in what direction the next book, Day 21, will head in.  With were the book left off, I think the second book will be a lot more action packed and if that is the case, I may like the book more than the TV show.

My Preference:
Pacing: TV SHOW
Characters: BOOK
Romance: BOOK


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Make sure to check out the trailer for the first season of The 100 below, as well as checking out my review of the first book in The Hundred Series here.  Also, the second season of The 100 starts on October 22nd, 2014 and the second book to The Hundred Series, Day 21, was released yesterday, September 16th, 2014 !

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