Monday, October 6, 2014

DIY Book Punch-Out Bookmarks

o   Mod Podge
o   Foam Paint Brush
o   Scrapbook Paper
o   Scissors
o   Ruler
o   Book (will ruin the book)
o   Different kinds of paper punches
o   Ribbon (optional)

1.      Find a book that you want to use for your bookmarks. This book will be destroyed, so don’t use any sentimental books. I used an old copy of The Giver that I got at a thrift store (which I have yet to read), but it would be fun if you used one of your favorite books if you had an extra copy.

2.      Find a hole punch that you like the shape of and punch out as many papers as you think that you may need. I used a triangle, bow, umbrella, and flower hole punch for my bookmarks. 

3.      To punch out the holes, I ripped out the pages I was planning on using first and cut them into sections because I wanted all my words to be facing the right way. I randomly chose pages, but you could choose specific chapters, words, or dialogue you would like to punch.

4.      Then I cut out double-sided scrapbook paper (so that the back of the bookmark would not just be white) into the size of bookmark I desired. I used a ruler to make sure that all my bookmark’s edges were straight.

5.      Using your foam paint brush, add Mod Podge in small sections and glue down your punch-outs. I decided to line mine up in straight rows all the way down the bookmark, but you can place them anyway you like. Be sure to not use too much Mod Podge at one time because once it gets tacky, you can’t reposition your punch-outs on the bookmark if you get it uneven.

6.      On one of my bookmarks, I decided to cover the entire bookmark with the punch-out’s by layering them.  To do this, I worked in small sections by adding Mod Podge and then placing the punch-outs in various positions. I did not place the punch-outs in any specific order other than making sure I was covering the edges of the bookmark. I did one layer of punch-outs and then let the Mod Podge dry for about 5 minutes and then started again by layering the Mod Podge and then more punch-outs. It only took two layers to completely cover my bookmark.

7.      After you have your bookmark the way you want, add a moderate amount of Mod Podge (not too much or your bookmark will curl) on top of the punch-outs. Make sure that you are careful because you can fold up the punch-outs depending on which ones you picked. I had a hard time when painting Mod Podge over the umbrellas because the umbrella handles kept folding up. I also only put Mod Podge on the front of the bookmark, leaving the back bare.

8.      Then set your bookmark aside and allow plenty of time to dry (72 hours or longer depending on how much Mod Podge you used). Then you can punch a hole at the top and add a ribbon if you like or just use your bookmark as is.

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