Tuesday, February 10, 2015

{Top Ten Tuesday} Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike in Romance Books

 This is a weekly meme created by Broke and Bookish.  Every week there will be a new subject to create a top 10 list of.

This week’s subject:
Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike in Romance Books

1.)    Forbidden Romance-Like
  I don’t know what it is, but it feels great to root for two characters to be together when everything is trying to tear them apart.  I feel like it makes readers love a couple even more when they have to overcome big obstacles to be together.

2.)                      Predictability-Sometimes
I am on the fence about predictability being in romance books.  I understand that it is hard to surprise readers when it comes to contemporary romance books because they all follow a very similar formula, but it is nice to be surprised once in awhile.  I think it is refreshing when an author chooses to end their romance book in an original way, even if it involves not having the two love interests end up together.

3.) Whiney Characters-Dislike
I hate when there are whiney characters in any books, but it seems especially bad in books that solely focus on romance.  I hate when a character, usually the girl, creates problems that should not even exist and makes a simple solution harder than it needs to be.

4.)                      Funny/Cocky Male Characters-Like
I love when the main male character has witty comebacks and hilariously banters with his love interest.  I find that all the male characters that I absolutely fall in love with fits this description.    

5.)                       Love Triangles-Sometimes
So, I have to admit that love triangles are kind of a guilty pleasure.  I know a lot of readers dislike them, but I enjoy them if they are done classy.  I love rooting for two characters that are both equally great and not knowing who the love interest will choose.  However, I HATE when a character, usually the girl, becomes really romantically involved with both male characters at the same time.  I like the character to be torn, but I want them to make their final decision before they start doing romantic acts with the other character.

6.)                      Overly Possessive Male Characters-Dislike
I do like it when male characters are protective of their female love interests, but I am very opposed to having a possessive male character, unless it is a book that focuses on unhealthy relationships.  I cannot stand when male characters pretty much stalk the girl, demand that they follow them without question, and become upset when they don’t get their way.

7.)                       New Adult-Like
I have recently fallen in love with New Adult books this year.  I feel like I can relate to the character so much more because they are my age.  I sometimes feel annoyed with immature relationships in some YA books, but I also have a hard time relating to adult romances.  I also enjoy that they can involve more mature content that makes the relationship feel more real and concrete. 

8.)                        Intercourse in Books-Sometimes
I think that when a book involves sex, when done right, it makes the relationship feel more intimate and real.  It is a natural thing for relationships to involve sex, but it can get a bit awkward.  I think some authors can write very classy scenes and some authors struggle, which can make it awkward to read and sometimes even disgusting. 

9.)                       Insta-Love-Dislike
I think it is really hard to root for a relationship when the characters instantly fall in love.  I want to feel committed to the relationship, which requires the relationship to slowly progress and to have the characters to grow closer and get to know each other BEFORE proclaiming their love for one another.

10.)                    Cheesy Book Covers-Dislike
I think that bad book covers are not good, but a bad romance book cover is horrible.  Some book covers are so bad that I don’t even want to read them in public.  I have bought so many book covers as EBooks so I would not have to look at them on my shelves. 

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  1. Awesome list! I agree with most of them. Thanks for sharing.


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