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{Review} Cruel Summer by K.R. Conway

Cruel Summer by K.R. Conway
Published: March 16th, 2015
Series: Undertow 0.5
Source: Netgalley (in exchange for an honest review)
Genre: YA, Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 231

Kian O’Reilly is flawless as a killer.

Well-practiced in the art of making murder look like an accident, he is selfish, wealthy, and totally arrogant as a soul-stealing immortal. But when he ends up stranded on Cape Cod with a stolen car and a dead drug dealer in the trunk, he thinks his luck couldn’t get any worse.

That is, until Ana Lane shows up.

Gifted as a mechanic and surfer, feisty Ana is not a fan of the entitled Frat Boys who show up every summer, messing with local girls. Believing Kian is one of those typical rich brats, she fixes his car and ruthlessly dismantles his cocky ego . . . which intrigues the dangerous soul thief.

Determined to spend more time with the prickly mechanic, Kian sets out to understand what makes Ana so fierce. Soon, however, he uncovers the painful truth behind the real Ana Lane, and the decision to save her, may destroy them both.

This book was an amazing addition to the Undertow series.  After reading Stormfront (the second book in the Undertow series), I knew that I wanted to read more about Ana and Kian.  I think every time I read a book in this series; I get more attached to the characters and the plot.  This is most defiantly one of the most underrated series I have ever read.

K.R. Conway has the amazing ability to write books that have great pacing, witty writing, genuine characters, and amazing romance.  All of her books have sucked me into the story and never let go until the last page.  I love that this series is driven both by an intriguing plot and relatable characters.  I always find myself comparing this series to the Twilight series, but this series is so much better. 

I really found myself gravitating tword the relationship between Kian and Ana rather than the one between Raef and Eila.  Kian is the bad boy that is protective over Ana, but not controlling.  He allows Ana to make her own decisions, but is there to help her is things turn out badly.  Their relationship felt very genuine and sweet.  I almost wish that the Undertow series focused more on Kian and Ana, but I still really like Raef and Eila.

I like that the plot of this book was deeper than just a paranormal romance.  It focused on some tough subject matter in a very realistic way.  I liked that Kian was not able to just swoop in and fix the situation easily.  And although I knew how this book would end, I liked that it was bittersweet. 

I would highly recommend this book (and series) to all types of readers.  This series is a fun and addictive read.  I really had a hard time putting this book down!  This book can be read as a standalone and I think that is really adds to the series.  I am counting down the days for the third book to this series is released and I will be most defiantly reading it the day it comes out!


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