Tuesday, July 12, 2016

{Top Ten Tuesday} Facts About Me

 This is a weekly meme created by Broke and Bookish.  Every week there will be a new subject to create a top 10 list of.

This week’s subject:
Top Ten Facts About Me

1.)                  I have a Bachelors in Psychology

2.)                  I am the mother to a 2 year old…almost 3 year old!

3.)                   I am not the fastest reader.  I read about 3 books every 2 weeks.

4.)                  I started by book blog because I was lonely after I became a stay-at-home mom.

5.)                  I enjoy reading Kindle books more than physical ones.

6.)                  My Grandmother is an avid reader and was the one who really installed by love of books.

7.)                  I sometimes would rather stay home and read rather than go out and do something.

8.)                  I recently started a Instagram for my books & realized how much work goes into taking beautiful pictures of books.

9.)                  Recently my new favorite genera is NA romance…I can’t get enough! Please recommend any good ones.

10.)         I now work 40 hours a week, which makes it very difficult to find time to read and work on my blog. 

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