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{Book Review} Black Sheep by Tabatha Vargo

Black Sheep by Tabatha Vargo
Published: September 20th, 2016
Series: Standalone
Source: From the author in exchange for an honest review
Genre: Contemporary, Romance,  Dark

Ever since the day I was dropped at her family’s door
I’ve wanted her.
But to taint her perfect skin with my black touch would be a SIN.
So I made a pact with myself—
However, when she returns home from college, she’s different, and I’m not sure I can trust myself to keep my pact. I can’t submit to her TEMPTATION no matter how sweetly she begs because she’s the GOLDEN CHILD and I’m the BLACK SHEEP.

This was my first book by Tabatha Vargo and it won’t be my last.  I enjoyed every minute of this story!  It was dark, gritty, emotional and heart-breaking.  The first thing that really drew me to this book was that amazing cover…it is gorgeous!  Then the synopsis sucked me in and I knew that I had to get my hands on this book.  I am extremely happy that I read this book, it was defiantly one of my most enjoyable reads this year.

I fell in love with Vargo’s writing style.  It was descriptive enough that I could picture the story playing out in my mind, but it was overly wordy where it made it hard to get through.  I was addicted to reading this story!  I wanted to read this book all the time, and if it wasn’t for my 3 year old, I would have devoured it in one sitting.  I enjoyed the duel perspective between the two main characters, Tyson and Nicole.  I don’t think it would have worked any other way because it allowed readers to understand the character’s emotions and motivations. 

I think one of the strongest points of this book is the amazing character development.  Tyson was such a complex and dark character.  His dark history broke my heart, but I also enjoyed seeing him able to conquer his fears and past.  I think that Tyson is one of my favorite characters from a dark romance.  He was a brooding, protective alpha male that was easy to fall in love with.  I also really enjoyed Nicole’s character.  I did feel like her development was not as dynamic as Tyson’s, but it did not hinder how much I liked her.  The side characters were also not as developed, but I really enjoyed Mr. and Mrs. Palmer.  It is nice to read a story were the parents are truly genuine, compassionate and loving. 

I loved the romance in this story!  It was angsty, beautiful and slow-burning.  I would almost say that this was one of the angsty-est books that I have ever read…and it was great.  I felt like the mature scenes were done very tastefully and helped add to the connection between the characters.  I am glad that Nicole and Tyson already had history with one another so that Vargo was able to focus on character development and the romance.  It made their feelings for each other feel very genuine, rather than insta-lovey.

I think the pacing in this book was perfect and the ending really shocked me!  I think that my mouth was probably hanging open because I was not expecting it.  However, I am also very glad that there was a happy ending.  I don’t know if I could have taken it if there was no happy ending after having to delve into Tyson’s dark past. 

I would recommend this book to every reader who enjoys contemporary romance books.  I think this would be a great book for readers who are new to dark romance because, although it is dark, it still has sweet aspects to it too.  I am defiantly going to be picking up some of Vargo’s other books because this one was a winner.


“All of me?” he asked.
I nodded, tugging at his shoulders to bring him close again.
            “Even the darkness?”
            His question caught me off guard, but I answered without having to think about it.
            “Especially the darkness.”

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