Wednesday, September 21, 2016

{Series Review} Soul Series by Kennedy Ryan

Soul series

Titles: My Soul to Keep, Down to My Soul and Refrain
Author: Kennedy Ryan
Published by Kennedy Ryan

First off, I want to say that I LOVED this series!  This series has defiantly made it onto my favorite NA romance series, heck, even my favorite series of all time.  I loved the writing, characters and romance. 
This story revolves around the relationship between Kai and Rhyson.  Kai moves to LA after her mother’s death to try to break into the music industry.  While at a music class, she runs into Rhyson who is a music prodigy.  Rhyson keeps himself closed off from the world, but when he lays eyes on Kai, they instantly share a connection.  Although Kai only wants to be friends and focus on her career, Rhyson wants more.  Throughout their journey, readers get to experience family conflict, debilitating loss, loyal friendships and epic love.

I would have to say that Kennedy’s writing is some of the best.  I found it beautiful and lyrical.  I constantly was highlighting large sections of the book so I could reference it later.  The writing was also very addicting.  I found myself having a hard time putting these books down.  The pacing was fantastic, keeping me highly entertained.  I did feel like the last book was a little rushed.  I wish that it would have been flushed out more than it was, but it was supposed to be a novella so I am just glad that Kennedy decided to write a full third book.

The characters in this series are really great.  I thought the character development of Kai and Rhyson was great.  They both grew as individuals and as a couple.  Kai grew stronger and more self-assured, while Rhyson learned to forgive and to lower down his walls.  I also really enjoyed the supporting characters.  However, sometimes it felt like they were not integrated into the story as much as I wanted.  The last book, Refrain, did delve deeper into developing the secondary characters, but I wish that it would have happened from book one.  But, I am very excited for the spin off book focusing on Grip.

I think the main driving force of this series is love.  I felt like the relationship between Kai and Rhyson consumed my life during the period that I was reading these books.  It was beautiful, epic and genuine.  I loved seeing how far they had come on the last page of book three from where they were on the first page of book one.  If you like contemporary romance, you need to read this series!

With this being a NA contemporary series, there is a more mature relationship.  I think that this series would be great for someone new to NA or someone who is experienced with this genera.  I felt like the books gradually grew more sexual the farther in the series, with the third book most defiantly being the steamiest.  These scenes were written very tastefully and helped to deepen the love within the relationship.

Overall, I would absolutely 100% recommend this series!  I really would recommend this book to readers who enjoyed Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.  Travis and Rhyson have similar personalities, both being protective and alpha males.  I am so glad that I picked this series up on a whim.

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