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{Book Review} Edge of Bliss by Molly E. Lee

Edge of Bliss by Molly E. Lee
Published: December 14th, 2016
Series: Love on the Edge #4
Source: Received in exchange for an honest review
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, NA

I never knew how perfect life could be until Blake Caster was finally mine.

Chasing storms with her only doubles the passion and the rush, but as we travel down tornado alley at the start of the season, we run into more than our fair share of nonweather-related trouble.

My past on the alley catches up to me in a bad way and with each captured storm, a wedge is driven between us. The harder I try to hold on to Blake, the faster she is slipping away.

Add to that an unexpected call from her ex, new pressures from the reality show filming our every move, and a job offer Blake may not be able to pass up, and my perfect life is on the same chaotic path as the storms we chase.

All I want to do is make her mine—forever—but one trip down tornado alley might be our last.

From the second that I finished reading Edge of Chaos, I wanted to see more of Dash and Blake.  Their story was just beginning at the end of book one and I desperately wanted to see more of them!  So when it was announced that book four in the Love on the Edge series was going to pick back up with Dash and Blake, I literally jumped up and down out of happiness.  This book was everything that I wanted it to be and more.  I fell even more in love with these characters and adore how this book wrapped up their love story perfectly!

Molly E. Lee has quickly become one of my favorite new-to-me-authors of 2016.  Her writing is great and instantly sucks me into the story.  Lee has a knack of writing fast-paced stories full of adventure with in-depth characters and intricate plots.   Just like her previous books, this one kept me highly entertained and I was able to read the entire thing in less than a weekend, which is quite an accomplishment for a full-time working mom of a three year old.  I can’t wait to read the other books in this series because they are always great and full of surprises.

I think that how this series is laid out could be confusing to readers who are just jumping in.  Book one, Edge of Chaos, needs to be read before this book and I would highly recommend reading book 1.5, Edge of Recovery, as well, but I do not think that it is absolutely necessary.  Book two and three of this series focuses on different characters in similar fast-paced, anxiety inducing situations (and are amazing too).  I am interested where the next books are headed and wonder if we might see some continuations of other characters’ stories as well.

I did not think it was possible to love Dash more than I did in book one, but he is defiantly high on my favorite male characters list.  He is so sweet, caring and protective over Blake.  He always supports her and helps her work through her past demons caused by her previous relationship.  Blake was very likable in this book, although her insecurities have wreaked havoc on the progression of her relationship with Dash.  I really enjoyed seeing her character growth throughout this story. I also really loved the secondary characters! They add the element of humor and help make the story more dynamic.

The romance in this book was great.  The obstacles that Blake and Dash had to sort out are a lot like the problems that real couples have to work through themselves.  It makes them more relatable and made me root for them to succeed.  Their connection felt very genuine and sincere.  One thing that I absolutely love about this series is that it does the more steamy scenes perfect.  It gives just enough detail for readers to feel their connection, but does not go into extreme detail.  I would say that this series is a perfect one for readers who are just beginning in the romance genre.

I picked up Edge of Chaos on a whim when I seen it on the top sellers of NA romance on Amazon and I have never regretted that decision.  This is defiantly a series that I recommend to anyone who wants to dive into a good, action packed romance series.  I will continue to purchase anything that Molly E. Lee writes and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her writing!


“Everything else in the world shrunk in scale when I stared down a tornado, and though my breath caught as the funnel shifted course, drawing closer as if it wanted to embrace me rather than wipe me off the plant, I was clam.

            The kind of crazy-calm paired with an insatiable hunger than no one could understand unless it was in them, too.  Blake had this in her.  She was my match, my mirror, my world.”

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