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{Book Review} Rock the City by Gia Riley

Rock the City by Gia Riley
Published: June 23rd, 2016
Series: Midnight Fate #2
Source: Won from Author’s Facebook
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 288

Ten years ago, Lane Lewis said goodbye to the only home he’s ever known.

Now that Midnight Fate’s tour has ended, he’s more determined than ever to find a balance between music and life. But sometimes reality’s a joke, fate’s a lie, and history’s meant to repeat itself.

Ten years ago he shed the pain, but now it’s seeking revenge.

Noelle Nash is a hopeless romantic with a dirty mouth. After almost giving up on love, she’s been lured away from her safety net to try one more time with Lane.

She’s willing to do whatever it takes to hold onto the man she loves, but her fierce protectiveness even takes her by surprise.

Can she learn to accept the truth? Or will she let her fears consume her, leaving her with no choice but to walk away?

Six months ago their future began. Today, it’s about to get rocked.

This book was very different from what I was expecting.  I started this book thinking that it was going to be a fun, rock star romance, but was pleasantly surprised when it was a lot grittier, darker and emotionally draining than I originally thought.  The character development and romance in this book is what really stood out to me and made it unique from other contemporary romance reads.

Riley’s writing was beautiful and captivating.  I found myself highlighting many passages and even strongly connecting with some of the quotes.  This book did begin a little bit rocky for me until about 70 pages in, but then it became absolutely captivating.  The biggest, and really the only problem I had with this book was that the beginning was confusing.  It jumps right into the middle of the relationship between Lane and Noelle without really setting it up first.  It does start with a short passage about how they met, but then it dives right in.  I even had to go back and make sure that this book could be read as a standalone because it felt like I had missed an entire book before reading this.  However, after I got deeper within the story, I began really enjoying myself.

I thought the pacing was perfect!  It was fast paced and had a lot of action in it which kept me at the edge seat and reading late into the night.  There was never a moment were I found the plot dull or boring.  I really would not classify this book as a rock star romance since it is only a very small portion of the book.  It is more of an emotional contemporary romance that explores forgiveness, self-worth and not allowing our pasts determine our futures.  It was an emotionally deep story that made me both happy and sad. 

The character development in the book was absolutely fantastic!  I cannot rave enough about how well-rounded these characters were, even the secondary characters.  Lane was the perfect mix of being protective and caring.  I liked that he was not the usual snarky bad boy, but he also was not perfect.  His character felt as if he was a real person.  Noelle was great as well.  I was slightly worried that this book would only focus on Lane’s personal demons, but I am glad that Noelle’s character was fully developed with her own problems she had to overcome.  I don’t want to go too in-depth with other characters because I would consider it spoilers, but just know that all these characters were amazing.

The romance in this book was also something I very much enjoyed.  The connection between Lane and Noelle was very apparent.  When the story starts, their relationship is already very serious.  Although there were flash backs of their early relationship, I really wish that I could have read that story too.  This would have been an amazing duology!

Overall, I did really like this book.  The story started off rocky, but I am glad that I kept reading because I quickly fell in love with these characters.  Although I am pretty sure this book is very different from the first book in the Midnight Fate series, I am still very interested in reading the story between Easton and Lark.  I will be picking up more of Gia Riley’s books in the future and can’t wait to see where the rest of this series takes readers.


Easton claps my shoulder and smiles.  “She’ll be fine, man.  Let her spread her wings a little.
“It’s not her wings I’m worried about,” I tell him.   “It’s her heart.”

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