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{Book Review} The Fool by Liz Meldon

The Fool by Liz Meldon
Published: December 28th, 2015
Series: Games We Play #0.5
Source: Won from Author
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 61


One night can change everything.

That's what they always say, and for now, vampire hunter Delia hopes it's true. After years of mediocre performances, she's still nothing more than a grunt in her hunter league, stuck on surveillance duty and low-level vamp busts.

So, when her informant drops an amazing lead in her lap, she jumps at the opportunity to take down the region's rumored vampire leader at an invite-only masquerade ball. Clad in a mask and an uncomfortable dress, Delia throws herself into the fray—only to realize she’s woefully unprepared for the night that awaits her.

Also… Some ridiculously attractive guy dressed as the Fool keeps distracting her.

One night. One job. One man. One chance to change her life.

All she has to do is not screw it up.

I stumbled upon this book by pure chance and I am very happy I did!  First off, I am new to the adult paranormal romance genre so this was defiantly something new to me, so I can’t really comment on how original it was, but it was very enjoyable.  I loved that this reminded me of a darker, adult Buffy (which is one of my favorite shows!).  I am very interested in seeing how this series plays out and will be picking up The King immediately!

This is my first book by Liz Meldon and I found the writing amazing!  It was detailed enough to paint a picture, but was not overly flowery.  I found the pacing to be perfect.  The beginning was a bit slow, but then picks up and never relents!  I loved the plot of this and how it ended.  It was an great set up for the next book and I am VERY excited to see what happens next!

I was surprised how detailed and developed these characters were with how short this novella is.  Usually I struggle connecting with characters in books this short, but I really felt like I got a good understanding of the main character, Delia.  She was very likable and I hope to get to delve into her past more in the next installment.  And ‘The Fool’ was amazing!  Although his character is still a mystery, I am very intrigued to learn more about him and am almost positive his character is going to be one that I will like!  I am also very interested in learning more about some of the side characters that were briefly introduced in The Fool.

I think that I am most excited about what direction The King is going to go in.  This setup for this world makes it seem like it is going to be complex and dynamic.  I can’t wait to see more of the intricate politics within the vampire and hunter community.  I am also really looking forward to seeing how the romance within this series blooms and grows.  The setup was amazing and I LOVE me some forbidden romance.

Overall, I am going to continue on with this series!  One of my goals for 2017 is to expand my paranormal reading horizons seeing as I enjoy them when I read them, but I rarely seem to pick them up.  Hopefully this series will only further my interest within this genre! 


“The Fool laughed and gave her waist a little squeeze.  “Ah, but we’re all liars in our own way.”

“The roles had been reversed: the deer stalked the wolf now, and the idea thrilled her.”

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