Sunday, January 8, 2017

{Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017}

This year was a big turning point in both my reading and blogging.  I think the biggest change was my reading preferences.  I find it funny that a year ago I never would have considered myself a contemporary lover…until now!  NA and Adult contemporary romances are my favorite genre and I have completely immersed myself in them this past year.  The majority of books that I own now are within this genre, so I hope my love for it only continues to grow from here!

Another BIG change this year was my purchase of a Kindle.  This contraption has literally changed my life!  I live in a tiny town that does not even consist of one store that is completely dedicated to books.  Now I have access to literally thousands upon thousands of books all that I can instantly read with the click of a button.  This is one purchase that I will never regret! 

With the changes to my reading preferences came the introduction to a bunch of new (and now favorite) authors and books!  I have to say, I LOVE the book community surrounding this genre.  The readers are welcoming and the authors actually comment back to you!  I have never experienced so much positivity, acceptance and generosity within a community before.  It was such a great experience getting to know my favorite authors on a more personal level.  It made the love I felt for some of my favorite books that much deeper because I did not only like the words coming off of the page, I liked the person who wrote them as well.

With that being said, another HUGE change was becoming more involved on social media.  I LOVE Instagram.  It has allowed me to connect with readers more than I could have ever been able to on my blog.  I can instantly show what I am reading, quotes from books I love and respond to comments quicker.  I have found so many new books from other bookstagramers and it is probably the reason why my TBR pile has tripled in the last year!

I find it funny that after I was momentarily thinking of giving up blogging, I had my best year yet!  I have always enjoyed reading and sharing my opinions of those books, but being able to discuss those books with other readers has re-sparked my love of reading and blogging.  I am VERY excited to see how my reading and blogging evolve in 2017!

If you feel so inclined, please follow me on Instagram or Facebook (both linked below).  I LOVE to talk to other readers, so please reach out to me!  Also, look for my favorite reads of 2017 and reading goals for 2017 posts.  And of course, thank you for taking the time to read my opinions about books and authors.  Let’s make 2017 better than 2016!

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