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{Book Review} Just an Illusion-The B Side by D. Kelly

Just an Illusion-The B Side by D.Kelly
Published: March 30th, 2017
Series: The Illusion #2
Source: Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Three life-altering months …
That’s how long it’s been since Amelia Greyson joined the Just an Illusion Tour with Bastards and Dangerous. She’s made new friends, embraced her past, and even found love.
Back on the road …
Following a tragic situation, Amelia is determined to hit the road, put her life in order, and finish the book she was hired to write. Mel’s not the only one affected by what happened; the men of BAD are all trying to move forward, not wanting the past to ruin the remainder of their farewell tour.
Brother vs Brother …
Tensions are high on the Weston brothers’ bus. As each brother settles into their role in Amelia’s life, secrets threaten to rip their relationship to shreds. Can Noah and Sawyer find a way to save the brotherly bond they share? Or will the woman of their dreams end up tearing them apart for good?

WOW!  I finished this book a week ago and I still am having a hard time putting into words just how much I absolutely adored it.  This book is a roller coaster of emotions and I am still reeling from how it ended.  D. Kelly crafted a truly amazing story full of deep relationships, well-rounded characters and some of the most extreme twists that I have ever read in a contemporary romance book!  This is a book that I HIGHLY recommend!

D. Kelly has officially made it onto my favorite authors list!  Her writing is addictive and refreshing.  Her talent as an author and story crafter was even more evident with this installment.  The B Side begins right where Side A left off, which I am sure all readers will be happy about because of that HUGE cliffhanger at the end of book one.  I can’t say much about the plot since there are some major spoilers, but I will say that readers will not be disappointed with the direction that the second book takes.

One of my absolute favorite things about this series is the characters!  I LOVED seeing how much these characters have grown and evolved from book one.  D. Kelly has a gift for creating characters with dimensions that have histories that make each one unique.  I also love the relationships amongst the characters.  D. Kelly never had to tell readers about the relationships these characters shared, it was always shown.  The love, whether it was friendship or family, flowed off the page.  They all banded together and were a tight-knit group, which really created a special element to the story.

The romances in this book were epic!  Like I said in my review for book one, I love that this series has multiple romances within it and I was invested in each one.  I love seeing how these characters overcame their insecurities and opened up to accept love.  Again, I can’t mention too much about the romance since it would contain spoilers from this book, but just know that it was done perfectly.

I have to say, this book blew my mind!  There were so many twists and turns that I did not expect and THAT ENDING!  When I turned that last page, it felt like I had been slapped across the face!  I know a lot of readers don’t like cliffhangers or like to wait for all the books to be released before starting the series, which is why I am mentioning it within my review.  This series contain some of the most epic and mind-shattering endings ever!

I LOVE this series and can’t wait to see what happens in the third book!  D. Kelly has created a stunning, beautiful story that is full of heart-break with a lining of hope.  I would HIGHLY recommend this series and I am going to be devastated when these books end.  However, I am looking forward to trying something different from this author in the future.


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