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{Book Review} Depths of Salvation by Molly E. Lee

Depths of Salvation by Molly E. Lee
Published: September 4th, 2016
Series: Love on the Edge #4
Source: Purchased
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 212

Sadie Jenkins’ most recent site of preservation is a sunken WWII cargo ship off the coast of the Bahamas. When a giant corporation threatens to blow it up to make way for an underwater gas pipeline, Sadie is forced to prove to the Head of Government the importance and value of her site. And when assistance comes from a bad-boy welder who works for the corporation, she ends up battling not only the people trying to demolish her site, but her heart as well—because its latched on to the one man who can save her ship or destroy it.

Connell Murphey is the best underwater welder this side of the Atlantic and thrives when the stakes are highest. When Slade Industries offers him a dangerous gig with a big pay off, he can’t wait to sign on. When a local marine preservationist gives Slade trouble—her site’s protection would cost him millions to go around it instead of through it—Slade offers Connell the deal of a lifetime: twelve million has his name on it if he gets close to Sadie and testifies to the Head of Government that her site isn’t worth saving. Should be easy money.

That is, until he meets Sadie. She’s a force to be reckoned with and the only woman who has ever been able to not only keep pace with him on a dive but completely surpass him on every level. She’s smart, sexy, and their chemistry is off the charts. The more he gets to know her, the harder he falls but he’s already in too deep with the deal he made with Slade.

When the time comes, will he be able to turn down the money and choose the girl of his dreams, or will too many lies kill his only chance at forever?


I LOVE this series.  It is full of heart-pounding action, lovable characters, amazing romance and dangerous adventures.  These books are fast reads and I love picking them up when I am in a reading slump because they are sure to pull me out.  Although Depths of Salvation was not my favorite in the series, I still really loved it.  I am VERY excited to see the next adventure that Molly E. Lee takes me on.

Molly’s writing was superb and flowed effortlessly.  I became addicted to highlighting all of the beautiful passages that Molly is so good at writing.  I did find the beginning a bit slow, but once the main characters meet and dove together, the action starts and never let’s up!  The plot was unique and I loved that Molly included a lot of technical terms and concepts when introducing readers to the intense sport of deep sea diving.

One thing that makes the books in the Love on the Edge series stand-out is the well-developed characters.  I LOVED Sadie!  She was spunky and knew how to hold her own.  She defiantly never played the damsel in distress role; in fact, she usually was the one saving everyone else.  I also admired the conviction she had in preserving the environment and speaking out for what she believed in.   I also liked Connell a lot, but sometimes struggled with his closed off personality.  He is defiantly the most reserved out of the previous E.D.G.E men, but he let his walls slip down when around Sadie.  Being able to read from his POV really helped to dissect his character and understand his dark past.

The romance in this book was great!  I felt the connection between Sadie and Connell and really enjoyed their playful nature with one another.  The beginning of their relationship did feel too much like insta-love, but as the book continued, their feelings for each other grew and became deeper.  By the end of this book, I really wanted to see how these characters would grow as a couple and as individuals.

Overall, I loved this book!  It was everything that I wanted and more!  I don’t think that it is possible for me to be disappointed by anything that Molly E. Lee writes.  And the covers for ALL the books in the Love on the Edge series are amazing, especially together.  I HIGHLY recommend these books and I will be continuing on with the series.


“Connell’s advance cut off whatever else I’d been about to say.  I retreated until my back hit the wall.  He placed an arm on either side of my head, caging me in with his arms.  The fire in his eyes was back, and the breath stalled in my lungs.
            “You are worth more than that.”
            I swallowed hard, my blood pulsing fast and hot through my veins.  “How much     more?”
            His eyes trailed to my lips.  “Everything.  You’re worth it all.”

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