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{Book Review} Scandal by Isabella Starling & Piper Hart

Scandal by Isabella Starling & Piper Hart
Published: March 2nd, 2017
Series: Dirty Money #1
Source: Purchased
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 317

Little secrets always grow up to be a big scandal...

Everyone’s got secrets.
Dirty little secrets.
But not like this.
Chloe Carlyle is totally off-limits.
The one girl I can’t touch.
Her mother is about to marry my dad, her father is in prison for murdering my mom…and I want her more than anything. Yeah, I never said this wasn’t fucked up.
And things are about to get a whole lot more fucked up.
This town has seen a lot of scandals, but this one’s gonna blow them all out of the water…

A wealthy city like Claremont Bay is accustomed to sinful scandals, but this latest one has shaken everyone to the core.
My father has been accused of murdering his mistress, and my mother is marrying the man who put him in prison — Robert St Clair.
Despite how messed up that is, it's not exactly Robert I'm worried about. It's his son.
Asher St Clair.
He’s insufferable. Intoxicating. Impossibly handsome.
I can’t fall for him. Can’t let him get under my skin.
I have bigger things to worry about, like my father’s imprisonment, because I’m the only one who believes he didn't kill that woman. So who did? The answer may lie closer to home than I know…


This book was okay, but it did not blow me away.  My lack of connection with the characters was the downfall from completely falling in love with this read.  I think that this could have been a DNF for me if it was not for my curiosity to find out who the killer was.  I think that the mystery was my favorite part and I was not disappointed when the big twist as revealed, but the rest of this book fell flat for me other than some occasional moments.

I thought the writing was okay and it flowed well.  The pacing of the plot was very good and created a lot of tension.  I will say that one VERY smart thing in the writing was one of the chapter headers.  {Slight Spoiler} Near the end of the book, there is a chapter in the killer’s perspective and it was labeled ‘killer’.  I thought it was weird since the identity of the killer was already revealed, but then I realized it was done so that readers who look at the chapter headers before reading would not get spoiled.  Brilliant!  I would have never thought of that.

The characters are where I had a very difficult time connecting with this story.  Chloe was okay, but she was nothing special.  I felt like she was very average and ordinary.  I wish she had a bit more spunk and sparkle.  But Asher was my biggest pitfall.  His personality at the begging of the story was bi-polar.  One moment he was a complete douche and then he would become caring and sweet the next.  I am okay with male characters that start out mean/rude and end up being sweet, however, there needs to be a catalyst for the change in behavior and Asher lacked that.  I also wish there would have been more interaction/connection with the side characters.  They all just seemed to be there with not purpose other than being a potential suspect.

The romance in this book was good, but I wish that I would have felt the connection more.  Chloe and Asher’s feelings seemed to appear out of nowhere and I am a big critic of insta-love unless it is done perfectly.  I will say that by the end of the book, I was invested in their romance.

I will say the mystery aspect in this story gave it a BIG plus in my book.  I kept changing who I suspected as the book progressed.  I thought it was done amazingly.  There were also a lot of twists and turns.  However, I did have a hard time being convinced at how the characters were able to put the pieces together to find out who the killer was.

Although I did not enjoy all the elements of this book, it still had its moments of greatness.  I am interested in reading a different book by both of these authors to see if I enjoy it more.  I would recommend trying this book if the synopsis sounds interesting since it seems like I am in the minority with my review. 


“I was the big bad wolf and she was my Red Riding Hood-and I was going to break her.”

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