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{Book Review} All of Nothing by Hazel Jacobs

All or Nothing by Hazel Jacobs
Published: September 29th, 2016
Series: Black Lilith #2
Source: Purchased
Genre: Rock Star Contemporary Romance

Sersha Walsh is a gifted lyricist. She learned her craft on her mam’s knee back in Galway, Ireland. After years as a successful freelancer she’s ready to take on her first big client—Black Lilith—the rock band making waves around the world. But the band’s bass player and current lyricist, Tommy, is less than thrilled to hear that the production company has hired Sersha. He’s moody and distant, but there’s a haunted look in his eyes that has Sersha dithering between wanting to kill him or kiss him.
Living out of a suitcase in the heart of Manhattan may sound romantic, but it’s the sort of thing that can drain a girl, even one as bubbly as Sersha. Thankfully, Black Lilith’s manager, Mikayla, seems determined to make Sersha feel at home. All the while, Sersha and Tommy grow closer, weaving poetry into music and sharing flirtatious looks over his battered notebook.
Just when things seem to be looking up, a ghost from Tommy’s past surfaces, threatening to tear down the careful equilibrium that Black Lilith has built. Sersha will need to decide who to believe and who to trust when the time comes.

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Black Lilith, but this book took me longer to get attached to the new protagonist and the romance.  However, when this book hit about the half-way point, it took off running!  If the first of this book would have been as good as the last half, then it would have definitely earned 5 stars.  I still really enjoyed my time reading it and am VERY, VERY excited to read Slate’s book next!

Just like the first book, this one is written in third person.  It didn’t cause me to have any difficulty getting to know Sersha, the main female protagonist, but I do feel like it hindered me from really knowing who Tommy was.  I felt a bit distanced from the story and it took me some time to get completely immersed within the plot.

I liked Sersha, but I never fell in love with her character.  She was always true to herself and sassy, but I felt like our personalities would not mesh well together.  I did not find her relatable, but I would consider that a personal issue.  I really liked Tommy, more at the end of the book than the beginning.  He felt like he was just a shell of himself during the first half of the book, but once the romance started, he became very charismatic and loving.

Again I loved all of the band members of Black Lilith, but the friendship was not focused on in this book as much as it was in the first.  I missed that aspect because it was one of my favorite parts from book one.  Slate is still my favorite band member, but I loved them all for their unique quirks.

The romance was great once it began.  I liked that Sersha and Tommy started out as friends before their romantic relationship began.  A lot of their interactions were told to readers rather than shown, which made the foundation of their connection feel less developed.  But once the romance began, Tommy really revved up ALL the feels and I fell in love with them as a couple.

So far, I have enjoyed the books from this series.  I am planning on continuing and can’t wait to read the next book since it is Slate’s!  I KNOW that his book is going to be my favorite and all of the previous books have just lead to the moment when I get to devour his story!


“Their eyes meet.  His laughter doesn’t slide off of his face like it did the first time she saw him laugh.  He just keeps laughing, looking at her the whole time, and she wonders if a person can get high off of a laugh,  because if it is then that’s probably what’s happening to her.”

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