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{Book Review} Where We Belong by J. Daniels

Where We Belong by J. Daniels
Published: August 18th, 2015
Series: Alabama Summer #4
Source: Purchased
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Ben and Mia Kelly can’t seem to catch a break.

Grueling night shift and opposing schedules have left the passionate couple geared up and ready for some much needed alone time. There’s only one thing standing in their way.


With two curious boys who have mastered the art of cock-blocking roaming the house, Ben and Mia, sexually frustrated beyond reason, quickly resort to surprise sexcapades and naughty little trysts whenever and however they can get them.

Who said anything about keeping things legal?

Assume the position. Things are about to heat up in the south.

J. Daniels’s books always put a huge grin on my face, especially when I am reading an Alabama Summer book!  I thought this was a short, cute addition to the romance between Ben and Mia.  It was a fast read that immediately drew me in and made me swoon, laugh and say “Ahhh…” about a million times! 

The writing was amazing!  I love that Daniels is able to create the perfect mix of emotional drama, hilarious dialogue and heart-felt romance all in one book.  As a parent, I really related to the struggle that Ben and Mia have with finding adequate alone time.  It put a fun twist on the dilemma that made me laughing until me cheeks hurt. 

Mia and Ben are one of my all-time favorite literary couples.  The extreme love and devotion that Ben feels for Mia would make any girl swoon.  I LOVED seeing how their relationship progressed and the problems that they had to overcome together. 

It was also wonderful catching up with the other couples of this series.  I felt like the plot of Tess and Luke was expanded on perfectly and I am really hoping that they will get another book.  Reed and Beth’s story was not expanded on much, but I am looking forward to seeing them in the next book!

This was the perfect setup for the next installment in this series.  I can’t wait to read about CJ and Riley next!  Both characters have been in previous books, but not enough to really know them well.  I am really looking forward to falling in love with them and getting even more expansion on the other couples!


“My mind loves Ben.  My heart loves Ben.  My body loves Ben.  He’s the warmth in my blood.  The roar in my pulse.
            Give me a hundred years with Benjamin Kelly, and I’d still beg for more.”

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