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{Book Review} Wilder by Rebecca Yarros

Wilder by Rebecca Yarros
Published: September 19th, 2016
Series: The Renegades #1
Source: Purchased
Genre: Action Contemporary Romance

He’s Paxton Wilder.

Twenty-two-year-old, tattooed, smoking-hot leader of the Renegades.

Five time X Games medalist.

The world is his playground—especially this year—and for the next nine months I’m stuck as his tutor on the Study at Sea program.

He’s too busy staging worldwide stunts for his documentary to get to class.

But if I can’t get him to take academics seriously, I’ll lose my scholarship…if I don’t lose my heart first.

Six unlikely friends on a nine-month cruise with the Study at Sea program will learn that chemistry is more than a subject and the best lessons aren’t taught in the classroom…but in the heart.

Words can’t even express how much I absolutely adored this book!  It was everything that I look for in an amazing contemporary romance read.  It was fast-paced, full of action and jam packed with heart-felt romance.  It also had a cast of dynamic characters that I instantly fell in love with.  I am HIGHLY looking forward to continuing on with this series.  It is safe to say that Rebecca Yarros is one of my new favorite authors of 2017!

The writing in this book was perfect and the pacing was spot on.  I found the action and romance addicting, making this a very quick read.  I am always looking for romance reads that are unique and Wilder definitely fit that criteria.  I never knew what was going to happen next and surprisingly, this book is full of quite a few twists and turns that I NEVER seen coming!  Reading about all of the intense, death defying stunts that the Renegades performed was one of my favorite aspects of this story.  Yarros did an amazing job setting these scenes and really keeping me on the edge of my seat.

I fell in love with these characters!  I would have to say that the Renegade crew has got to be one of my all-time favorite cast of characters.  Each character was well-developed and dynamic.  The set-up of future plots was flawless and I am really looking forward to the next books within this series!

I LOVED Leah!  She has got to be one of my favorite female protagonists and her story really tugged at my heartstrings.  I loved seeing her overcome the traumatic events that happened in her past and learn how to live again.  She was able to push her fear and insecurities away with the help of Paxton and finally open her heart.  Paxton was amazing and the complete opposite of Leah.  While she was reserved and studious, he was adventurous and full of life.  It was nice to see how they complimented each other, giving and taking until they both helped one another in the areas they struggled most with.  

The romance in this book was SO good!  The immediate connection between Paxton and Leah dripped from the pages and their struggle to keep things professional raised the angst levels to an all time high!  As much as I loved seeing their friendship bud, I could not get enough of them as a couple!  Paxton was always so sweet and caring toward Leah and although he pushed her to her limits, he never made her cross them.  He always supported her, whether she decided to take the crazy risks with him or sit back and watch.  I can't wait to see how their relationship progresses in the future books.

This series is one of my new favorites!  I think that it is always quite the feat to be able to write a contemporary romance that is not generic and predictable.  Yarros was able to do that and so much more.  I am planning on continuing on with this series and have already purchased her entire Flight & Glory series as well!


She was better than the hit of adrenaline I craved, took me higher than any rush of endorphins at a victory.  She’d become more than the thrill, she’d become the air, the only thing I absolutely needed to live.

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