Review Policy

First off, I am honored to even be considered for possibly reviewing your book.  I will only give my honest opinion and will post a review on my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads.  I would love to be able to review every book that I have the opportunity to, but unfortunately I may have to decline some offers so that I can dedicate the appropriate amount of time to the offers I do except.

What you can expect in a review:

  • ·         Cover Picture, Author, Publication Information, Pages
  • ·         A link to Amazon and Goodreads (I can add additional links if requested)
  • ·         The synopsis of the book (retrieved from Goodreads)
  • ·         Honest review of the book
  • ·         Occasionally I will add additional information about the book/author/series at the end of the book review.  If you would like certain additions added to the review, please e-mail me.

 Genres I enjoy:

·         Young Adult
·         Dystopian
·         Contemporary
·         Psychological Thrillers
·         Mysteries
·         Romance

Contact Information:
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