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This is where I discuss, rant, and ponder about anything and everything involving books.  It is pretty much a catchall of topics I want to discuss and that other readers may enjoy reading and sharing their own ideas about.

This banner is pretty self-explanatory, but it is where I list all the books that I have read in a certain month and the ratings I gave them.

Check out the above banner to see the other book lovers that I follow, whether it be their blog, Instagram or Facebook.  All of these book lovers are individuals who I follow regularly and read similar books that I do.

 I love DIY's, especially ones that have to do with books!  Click the above banner to check out some pretty awesome bookmarks that I created!
Want a list of my favorite authors?  How about Instagram pages I follow regularlyClick the banner above to see the different lists and discover a new book, blog, author, ect!

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